crafts for a sustainable future

... is a small business using willow weaving and green-woodworking, local and UK-farmed materials to promote a more sustainable future. We demonstrate and teach the crafts, make useful and decorative products and encourage bio-diversity and good habitat management. We work from two bases in Leicester and Cambridge.

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UK farmed willow bundles. Sustainably managed natural resource. Robust, handmade shopping baskets. Practical storage solutions. Environmentally friendly elegance! We also harvest other materials by hand. Colourful winter hedgerow material. Items with a unique sense of place. Traditional designs, modern twists. Try your hand at a willow workshop. Collect materials from your own land. Learn to make simple, decorative items. Unique willow gifts always available. Gifts for all seasons and occasions. Look out for our craft fair stalls. Watch our willow weaving demonstrations.

Willow weaving

Robust, practical & beautiful

Willow baskets are robust and practical containers, for shopping, home storage or garden use. Our baskets are hand-made from UK-grown willow and hedgerow materials that we harvest ourselves. We also make christmas decorations, bulrushes, fish, dragonflies and more.

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Green woodworking

Pole-lathes & shave-horses

Green woodworking uses hand tools and (mostly) human powered machines to make all sorts of products. Newly cut - green - timber can be worked on our shave horse and pole lathe, both of which we built ourselves. Unworked timber can also be made into rustic 'stick' furniture.

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Collect your own materials

In the winter months, basket making materials can be found in your own garden. With permission from a landowner, you could collect a wider range of materials. We have a list of species to look out for. Volunteering for an environment charity or conservation group can be very handy.

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Learn to do it yourself

Fancy making your own willow basket? We run workshops to teach you how to make a simple, beautiful and usable rustic willow basket. We provide the materials and guide participants through the whole process. At the end of the day, you'll have a basket to be proud of, and the skills needed to make your own design variants. But as Borbála, our teacher, told us, "Beware! Basketmaking is highly addictive!"

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Watch us in action

Let us demonstrate interesting craft activities at your own organised event, whether indoors or outdoors, for adults or children. We can show willow weaving, basket making or green woodworking. We will explain our work to your visitors, and maybe let them try out some activities. They may also be able to take away small items made just for them.

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Looking after the environment

Based in Leicestershire & Cambridgeshire, our business allows us to combine our interest in habitat management and bio-diversity, with crafts that we enjoy doing. By passing on these skills and practices, we hope to demonstrate that self-reliance, conservation and economic activity can be combined in enjoyable and creative ways, to produce useful, attractive and durable products.

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Custom-made items

We normally make items to sell at craft fairs, however, we are also asked to create something particular for our customers. Shapes, colours, patterns, sizes, materials and features can usually be tailored specifically for each customer. Please contact us if you have a particular design in mind. Photos of (nearly) all our work can be seen on the Gallery page, including numerous commissions.

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Where to meet us

We like to get out and about to meet and chat with our customers, whether at craft fairs or workshops. We generally restrict ourselves to working in Cambridgeshire or Leicestershire, but sometimes venture to other nearby places. Find out in advance which events we will be attending in the near future; see also where we have visited in the past.

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What we are up to

Our business is both seasonal, and event driven, so we're always doing lots of different and interesting things. Much work goes on behind the scenes to keep our business up and running. Here are a few items of news which may be of interest to our readers. Whether we are harvesting materials, learn new techniques, trying things out, or just tinkering with this web site, you can read all about it here.

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